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vickiesizechangeWealthy people have gold in their portfolios because they understand the value of precious metals of the earth. There is a lot to be said about moving or exchanging paper money into a precious metal, such as gold.

Think about it: “Riches of the Earth”, means materials of our planet will make you wealthy beyond ideas. Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Copper, Pearls are all natural materials of the earth which are of extreme value.

The Dollar or Gold

Many people have forgotten how the dollar bill was acquainted with gold. In 1944, a new financial system was created to stabilize the world once World War II ended. The US Dollar was chosen as the world’s reserve currency. People have forgotten that the dollar was tied to gold. Gold is what gave the United States’ Dollar its value.

The Downfall of the Dollar

The downfall or should I say the “down value” of the dollar started on August 15th 1971, when President Nixon created a system where all currencies were backed by nothing. He cut the ties of gold from the dollar. His system led the average person to borrowing money. The system also forced people to borrow well above their means and to get deeper and deeper into debt.

The Wealthy Empowers Themselves

Wealthy people understand how currency has been devalued, so heavily. They have silently been taking a stand to secure their future with where the true value started; GOLD.

* Gold is Protection for individuals against the government
* Gold is the only competitor to a National currency.
* Gold is money and the National currencies are money substitutes that circulate in place of gold.
* Gold is financial insurance

Note: The following is for informational and food for thought purposes. It is not meant to be tax advice for a particular individual or situation. Check with your tax accountant about any concerns.

Wealthy people use gold as a hedge to put their currency because gold cannot be taxed. Gold can only be taxed once it is exchanged to a currency.

There are a number of countries that are recognizing gold “again” as currency.

Change is Interesting

Embrace the change in the world and realize the power of precious metals; Gold

In summary, there are many who want to be rich. Rich people want money quickly, overnight. It could be gone just as fast as they got it. Wealthy people look for longevity in the growth of their financial security.

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