Saving Money for Retirement: Are You Ready for Retirement?

By Vickie E Smith
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_MG_5770 copy largerRetirement Was Such a Wonderful ThoughtI remember when I was a little girl. I use to hear my parents talk about when they retire how they were going to relax and travel. What a wonderful idea that was; and still can be if people are prepared.

The thought of retiring and having nothing and the possibility of still becoming homeless is a frightening thought.

People are married for years. Husbands think that when they die their wives and families will be well taken care of because his wife has her social security and now his. Little does he know that after he dies, his wife is left with the same bills that she had when he was living and only one(1) social security check. How defeated he must be feeling to be looking down on his beloved wife with tears in her eyes wondering how she will pay for the pure necessities that she needs for her medical issues or just to be at peace.

There are people who think that they are waiting for their date of retirement, instead they are given a pink slip. That is enough to give someone a heart attack, if you are not prepared.

Elderly Struggling

The fact is, young people and baby boomers need to take a long look at their future instead of the little box in which they are living for the now. If a person has a job, are they preparing themselves just in case that job is gone tomorrow. It is time to step out of the “box.” There are steps that may be taken to secure finances in preparing for retirement:

* It is essential that people pay themselves first

* Open an online Savings Account, an Ing Account for example. The money is taken directly from a paycheck or checking account and moved directly into an online savings account. Opening an account of this nature eliminates the thought process or the burn of seeing the money first and feeling like something is taken away.

* While a person may have a job, also find a company that is fun to work with that builds a residual income. A residual income would be ideal before and after retirement. The residual income would be a great supplement while receiving social security and pension pay.

The Worst Feeling

Working all of your life, going in a full circle like a baby; coming in this world with nothing and leaving this world with nothing would be the worst feeling. Do not wait until tomorrow to get started with your future.

Vickie Smith is a professional marketer who has studied Psychology and Graduated with an Information Systems/Systems Analysis Degree. Discover more about Vickie and how she has exported precious metals Internationally. She is now using her education, knowledge and journey in helping others uncover the truth about how to prepare for retirement and have fun doing it in her FREE Preparing For Retirement Guide.Learn more about Retiring With No Stress by Reviewing the 12 Week Plan to Wealth