Overcoming Disbelief

Stand Tall for Your Belief

Don’t ever stand and try to convince any person of your beliefs. The stronger your belief, the stronger obstacles will come and try to shut you down. You are saved by grace through faith, your belief.  You will find that with every level that you may reach, with every level that you will climb, there are new struggles that you will go through. Your wings are growing.

Have you ever stopped and looked at a caterpillar turn into a butterfly?  How free and beautiful the butterfly flies with grace and effortless. But, the butterfly’s journey didn’t start that way.

Don’t let the situations of what you see shape who you are. Situations are always going to be there. Disappointments will always be there.  In order to live your own glorious life, you have to take a risk of the natural.  Many people are afraid to take risk.  Being afraid means “No Faith.”  People may talk over and over about how horrible their life is.  They may talk about how they need their life to change.  In order to succeed, you must move toward the  life of the butterfly, taking a risk and fluttering your wings where the wind will carry you.  Many times people are asking another person about the direction they should take in their life’s journey.  That person doesn’t know you better than you know yourself.  Why do people think that other humans know them better? There is a voice inside of you that we all have been given.  But, people do not stop for a moment, get in their dark corner and listen to their inner voice of reason.  That voice will guide you in standing, then moving your belief toward the beautiful life of a butterfly,  full with freedom. Your voice of reason will prepare you to be victorious for the good things that are about to come. The first step is the belief in yourself.  If you do not believe in you, no one else will… period.  There is no way to fake it.

Take Steps toward Your Belief

It’s time to stop being afraid. When you look in the mirror, you have two(2) choices.

  1. Stay where you are   …or
  2. Move your feet, and step out of your cocoon. You feel that your cocoon is your protection, your bubble from a harsh or unfriendly environment. Your cocoon is hindering your growth, your peace, your security.

Belief Teaches How to Fly

Have you ever sat back and wondered why them. Why did he/she get to fly to the moon. Why did he create the light bulb.  Why did she make it, in a huge way, being a talk show host.  Why is he/she the number one actor/actress. Why was he chosen to create Facebook, Microsoft or Tennis shoes. Why Why Why?  The one thing that they had, the only thing that they had was their belief in themselves.. their belief in their cause.. their belief in their product and their perseverance.  They let their belief carry them to freedom. They stepped out of their cocoon, spread their beautiful butterfly wings and flew into their glorious destination.  Your belief gives you willpower. Your belief gives you courage, just like the lion in the Wizard of Oz. Your courage gives you strength. Your strength gives you the ability to not look left… and not look right.. but keep looking straight ahead and  moving forward to fly.

Life is A Journey

Get a piece of paper. Write your name and the date. On the left side write down your strengths. On the right side write down your weaknesses. Be honest with yourself. Honesty to yourself is the first step to healing, first step to growth.  Look at your weaknesses and go to the book store and read on how to strengthen you, you inside. Go on the internet and look up Meetup.com in your area. Meetup groups will help you get out and be around people that are doing what you like or show you how to change your surroundings to be around the people who are living the lifestyle that you desire.

If your belief in yourself is not strong enough yet, let your belief in how you want your life to be for your family and yourself carry you. Your belief will grow you Beautiful Wings for Life.