My Greatest Gift is….

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift is when I gave birth to the best two(2) young men. I remember when I had first received the news that I would never be able to give birth. That news hit me like a ton, a triple ton of bricks. It’s funny, before that news, I did not want to have any children. Oh no, not me. Whenever I would go over to someone’s home that had children, my radar would go off. “SOUND THE ALARM” it’s time to go home. They were too loud, too loud. I wanted to get up and run to the nearest exit. Then I would go to the grocery store and see children falling out on the floor, rolling around, acting ridiculous and the parents not knowing what to do. I would see the parents trying to reason with these miniature human beings. I would always sit, watch people and wonder who were the parents. It was clear that the shortest one was the one in control. I ran faster from the idea of having children.  Having children was always a choice, I thought.

Forced to See My Greatest Gift

December 1992, I was forced to a different pattern of thinking.  I bent over in excruciating pain and my stomach had bloated to a size that I did not recognize my own body. My husband rushed me to the hospital.  I had always had a very tight stomach. I always had determination in keeping fit, so what was going on with my body.  The doctors said they were not letting me out until they figured out what was happening. They came back with the diagnosis that I had huge fibroid tumors growing inside of me and then the news came. I can still hear the voice of those doctors saying that I probably would never get pregnant.  “I would probably never get pregnant.”  WOW! I felt like I was living a nightmare. A decision that I always felt was mine, my ears are now hearing the words from a “man about me.”  Then the doctor continued to say, that the birth control that I was on was causing my fibroid tumors to grow and that I should not had been on birth control or put anything in my body with estrogen or caffeine.    The tears started to stream down my face. As I laid on that hospital bed, the doctor continued to say that if I became pregnant, I would probably have miscarriages, or be in severe pain for the entire nine(9) months. But, as man was speaking, I kept hearing GOD say,  “You will give birth, you are a mother to greatness.” I took a deep breathe and thought, I will listen, always listen to you, and prayed to GOD to always guide and lead me to the destiny of my life.

Life’s Journey is the Best Gift

When Man was saying that I couldn’t, GOD had already said that I could.   My soul is overwhelmed with joy and I am so Blessed to have given birth to my two(2) best friends.  When GOD speaks, it doesn’t matter what man says.  I never had a miscarriage or surgery because of those tumors.   Children are a gift from GOD. Both pregnancies and natural delivery was the greatest gift. The gift of life.  I still cannot believe that I am their mother and my oldest has graduated from high school and leaving to run his purpose on this earth, while my youngest is now a senior in high school. We do not understand our life’s journey, but as long as we stay focused and realize who is in control of your life, your Greatest gift will be presented to you.