What Will Your Next Move In …..

Gift of Life …

Book photoEach of us is given a gift — the gift of life.  At times, some may wish they could exchange their gift for a different version.  Since that’s not possible, we have to deal with what we are given. We have to learn how to play the game.

Developing you is huge in understanding the gift of life. In my book, The Checkerboard Game of Life, I tell Eva’s story.  Like most of us, she wants to get the most out of life.  She’s always thought of life as a game of checkers.  Life makes its move and then it’s her turn to make hers.  Each move she makes is her choice.  Life’s moves may make hers more difficult — and she certainly had trying times — but she manages to jump them and win.

The Checkerboard Game of Life takes you on Eva’s journey, which may be much like your own.  Seeing how Eva handles her situations will give you a clearer understanding of how to develop inner peace and understand how you arrived where you are today. Learn how to create a map for living a balanced more fulfilling life, overcoming obstacles in life and see life as a gift.  My mission is to help people understand the true meaning of living life as a gift.