Meditation for the Soul and….


 Hit The Cloud of Peace

heart of God imageThere are times in life that you wonder how will you make it through to the next day.  If you are reading this post; take a deep breathe, hit the cloud of Inner Peace and realize that GOD has given you one more day to get it right…. Realize that you have an inner peace, a joy that no one can take away.  You can only give it away.  Take out time and stop, during the rat race of life, and enjoy the beauty of living.

Man cannot give you the joy that has been built inside of you. This confirmation must be felt and known.  Your creator knows you better than any human.  But, it is not understood why humans keep going to a person for guidance instead of going to the one who has created you.  Walk, talk and breathe in harmony with your creator and find the peace, within, through your universal journey.