How to Keep Afloat While Building Your Business

Vision Before Building Your Business

While building your networking business, any business for that matter, sometimes it will be very stressful.  Sometimes, you will look in the mirror and ask what are you doing.  Sometimes, you will  feel like, should you go and get a J.O.B.  (Now, if you already have a J.O.B, keep it until your networking business’ funds have replaced and exceeds your J.O.B. funds)   This is when you get up, go and stand in front of the mirror and you look at yourself and  say you have to keep going and you have to keep the faith to keep it going.  You will be so stressed because you want your business to work so badly.  But relax.  “Just Do It.” Good things were never built in a day,  a month or even a year.  The networking business want you to have a story. A story of your journey. So, when you make it, you can teach it.  Stay afloat with your Faith.  Stay afloat with your Knowledge.  Stay afloat with your Heart.   You have to believe in you; what you have.  Believe in your ability, at times that may not be easy.  Because, you may doubt yourself.  You have to know within your mind, your conscious, that this is where you were truthfully led.  There will be times when you  feel overwhelmed with your networking business and the people that you may meet along the way.  You may feel as though you do not know where you are going to get your next penny from while you’re building your business.   I am here to tell you a way in how to make some money and stay afloat while building your business.

I want you to take a walk around your home, parent’s home,  grandparents and friends.  If you have a garage, walk around it also, with a pad, a pen and a camera.  Write down every item and put a price on it.  Then, go in the house, turn your computer on and go to Craigslist.  Go to the selling area.  List it!  Sell it! You probably have things around that you have not used for years.  It’s time to clean house,  your garage and fill your pockets.  Craigslist and a Garage Sell here you Come! Keep on Reading…

Listen in the Darkness for Direction with Your Business

I remember sitting in bed, one Saturday Morning,  just thinking one day.  God said to me, “Get up and list certain items on Craigslist”.  My husband stated, “No one is going to buy those items.”  I just said,  “Go on to your game and we will see you later”.    In less then one hour I received a call for my first two items.  I took my two teenage young men with me and we made $450. In less than two days $800.  You are looking at treasure every day.  There are many people looking for a bargain.

Safety while Keeping Your Business Afloat

Now, ladies, do not meet anyone that called you and said that they want to see your items that you have for sale that you place on Craigslist, alone.  Do not let anyone come to your home to view and pick up any item.  Take your items to an open area, whether it is a parking lot, mall,  grocery store or wherever.  But, do not meet people alone.  It is too many crazy people out here and crazy people can be reading Craigslist.  Stay afloat and be creative.

Copper for Money Business

Google the closest Scrap Metal Recycling Companies to you. I was exporting copper, aluminum and plastics Internationally. Then something told me, “wait a minute, you are doing this Internationally, why aren’t you doing this in your own back yard.” This was an Ah Hah moment. I kept a pair of gloves in our vehicle. Actually, three pairs; one for me and my two(2) sons. I would tell them that there is money in the streets. They would look at me wondering what great idea does Mom have this time. Well, they soon found out. We could be driving down the street and noticed abandoned wash machines, dryers, old basketball hoops, old copper rods from people changing pipes or tube and knob wiring from old houses… etc. I believe you get the idea. Load up your vehicle and take it to the scrap metal factories. These recycling companies will pay you money that same day….

Remember, while you are building your business, you will go through a lot of emotions.   But remember,  always breathe in and exhale.  Let’s do it again together, breathe in, exhale,  promote and have fun doing it.  Stay afloat and be creative when building your business.