How are You Building Your Business?

Building with Prospects

In receiving a number of comments on my articles on network marketing,  I appreciate them all.  I must speak on this topic, “How are You Building Your Business.” 

What is in your heart as you approach a prospect.  Are you approaching that person with money on your mind or the needs of your prospects. Can what you have benefit them.  Do you really care about that person that you are about to approach.  Before you take another step, “Stop“.   People want to know that you sincerely care about them, their wants, their desires, their dreams, their hopes.  Have you ever thought to ask your prospects, how are they doing…  how is their Family.  Have you ever thought to find out what it is that your prospects are really looking for; the prospect definition.    When you “Build Your Prospects”, Your Business will Build.

As I read a lot of the comments that I am receiving,  I hope that this is not the way that you are “Trying” to build your business… Building your business with your business and your gains in mind… If it is,  I would wonder about the success rate that one is gaining.  I encourage you to encourage others and speak life into your prospects, who will in turn, speak life into your business.

Prospects See…

As you approach your prospects, do they see strength, courage, confidence, fun, life and sincerity in you. When you approach your prospects, are your clothes clean, shoes polished, breathe fresh and do you wear a coat of leadership.  If you approach someone in a weak way, they will feel your company is also weak.  How is your handshake… limp fish? Remember, this is your business… this is your future.  In order to build any business. you need people and people need to see that you are genuine. They are skeptical and many feel lost. They do not want to feel that they are making a mistake. Your prospects need your guidance.  Your prospects need you to guide them, so then, they may carry on the cycle. There are a lot of people who need to talk to you, but, they do not know it yet.  If you approach them incorrectly, you will never be able to introduce you  nor your business.

Equation for Prospects

Have a quality conversation, with at least 10 people every day. A quality conversation with a prospect,  is not about you.  Take you out of the equation and put your prospects in the equation.