Ever Wonder Where Life is Taking You?

Noticing Life Passing

Have you ever pulled off on the side of the road, looked at  people, and wondered where is everyone rushing to. I always watch people walking, jogging, riding bikes and never meeting eyes with one another just to say good morning. Do you realize that a smile or a hello could actually save someone’s life. People are always saying where they want to go in life.  Have you ever stopped to think about where people have been. It is a sad story to know that people have worked so hard, all of their lives to get nowhere. What will your story be.

Life through the Homeless

I took my children to feed the homeless so that they would know about all kinds of people and to never look down their nose at anyone.  People do not wake up one morning and say to themselves, “I think I will be homeless today.”  It opened my eyes when we were taking someone home one day and they lived in an apartment.  When we drove away, I heard one of my children say, “WOW”, they live in an apartment, what is wrong with them.  I was shocked. Children are taught what they see.  What are you exposing your children to.  What are you exposing their eyes to see? What visions are developing in the minds of these little humans?

Traveling Life through a Looking Glass

With my children growing up in a house, in a home, they took it for granted that everyone lives in a home; that everyone lives like us.   Is this how you are looking at your life;  through a looking glass of your past and you cannot move forward because of the way you were taught,  the things that you have seen? And you think that you do not know any better? No one knows which life track they are traveling in on. But the question is… which track are you going to leave your life on…