Need To Escape Financial Stress: Strategies in Dealing With Life Situations

By Vickie E Smith  d and me
Stand Tall for Your Belief

Do not attempt to influence any person of your beliefs; escaping the financial stress will not occur… The stronger your belief the stronger obstacles will come and try to shut dreams down. Levels that may be climbed and every level reached there are new struggles that one must conquer. Your wings are growing.

Ever stopped and looked at a caterpillar turn into a butterfly? How free and beautiful the butterfly flies with grace and effortless. The butterfly’s journey did not start that way.

Do not let past circumstances shape your financial journey. Situations are always going to be there. Disappointments will always be there. How situations are handled, depends on one’s mindset.

In order to succeed, one must move toward the life of a butterfly, taking a risk and fluttering wings where the wind will carry. Many times people are asking others about the direction of their life’s financial journey. Why do people think that other humans know them better?

Everyone has an inner voice. People do not stop for a moment, get in their dark corner and listen to their inner voice of reason. That voice will guide in standing, then moving your faith towards the beautiful life of a butterfly, full with financial freedom. Your voice of reason is preparing for the victorious good things that are about to come.

Belief in oneself is the first step. There is no way to fake it.

Need to Escape Financial Stress
It’s time to stop being afraid. Looking in the mirror, there are two(2) choices.
1. Stay where you are… or
2. Move your feet and step out of the dead-end financial situation. People feel that their cocoon is their protection, their bubble from a harsh or unfriendly environment. This cocoon is hindering peace, security, and the need to escape financial stress.

Belief Teaches How to Fly
Ever sat back and wondered why them. Why did he/she get to fly to the moon? Why did he create the light bulb? Why did she make it, in a huge way, being a talk show host? Why is he/she making so much money? Why were they chosen to have created Facebook, Microsoft or Tennis shoes? Why? Faith in themselves was the only thing they had… their belief in their cause.. their belief in their product and their perseverance.

Faith takes a person to determination. When others are sleeping, they are working. When others are eating, they are eating while working. They let their belief carry them to freedom. They stepped out of their financial cocoon, spread their beautiful butterfly wings and flew into their glorious financial destination and escaped financial stress. Belief gives the ability of not looking left or right… but keep looking straight ahead and moving forward to fly.

Life is A Journey
Get a piece of paper. Write your name and the date. On the left side, write down strengths. On the right side, write down weaknesses. Be honest with oneself. It is the first step to healing, first step to growth. Look at weaknesses, then go to the book store and read on how to strengthen those weaknesses.

Individuals are the only ones who can change and make a difference in their life journey. If finances are not at the desired figure, stop trying to point the finger at someone else or past circumstances. It is time to get out of your own way.

If belief in oneself is not strong enough yet, let the belief in the vision for the family, carry you. Belief will grow beautiful wings for an unbelievable life; escaping financial stress.

Vickie Smith is a professional marketer who has studied Psychology and Graduated with an Information Systems/Systems Analysis Degree. To find out more about Vickie and how she has exported precious metals Internationally and how she is now using her education, knowledge and journey in helping others uncover the truth about positioning like the wealthy in the Need To Escape Financial Stress Report

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