Creating a MultiMillion $$ You

Tips for Developing You

There are a number of individuals teaching, on how to become a millionaire. There are also a number of individuals instructing on how to build multimillion dollar businesses and empires.

If your foundation is not built, your Empire will not stand firm.

“Developing You” is Huge in understanding the gift of life.

I am going to share five ways to creating a MultiMillion $$ You…  to create a strong and solid foundation of inner peace. When your foundation is solid, you are then, capable of developing the leaders around you.

#1 You Must Be Honest

While taking your journey on developing oneself, a person must be honest with themselves.  Write down where you are today.  How is your lifestyle, your home, your family. How are you treating people. How are they treating you? Then, close your eyes. Go on, close your eyes and open the door to the Wonderland of how you want your life to look. Do not think about the “How.”  “How” is creeping in your mind. Get it out of there.

#2 Your Beliefs for You

Don’t let the challenging situations of what you see, shape who you are. Have you ever sat back and wondered why them? Why did they get to fly to the moon? Why did they become so famous? Why did they make so much money? The only thing that they had was believing in themselves and working hard for what they believed in. Live your life as though your success has already been accomplished.

#3 Leader of You

You must be the leader of your life. Don’t look to the left, don’t look to the right. When you are developing your positive and futuristic mindset, you must stay focused. You must have a passion and determination for the steps that you are taking while developing you. You must be willing to do the work that it takes to reach your success level . Each individual has been planted a seed inside of them waiting to birth. The question is, will your seed stay there and always be a seed? Or, is the question, what nourishment will you feed, your inner seed, for your growth potential. A person who considers themselves a leader is always reading, listening to CDs, attending seminars, broadening their knowledge so that they are growing as a person. A person who grows can teach others to move forward and grow. You will influence many without realizing it.

This is the year to Vote. There was a time that women and races could not vote. Your vote matters. It’s not the government that will change the state of our world. It’s the people… and you can start by letting your voice be heard and your vote counted.

#4 Your Life Must be balanced

On a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I want you to rate the six areas of your life… And be honest with yourself… your Family/HOME, your Finances and your Career, Spirituality, your Health and Fitness, your Social and Recreational, and your Educational and Mental State. After you have rated yourself, I want you to look at your numbers and see what measures do you need to take to become successful and balanced in all areas.

#5 Do Not Quit during Your Journey of Developing You

You have to walk, talk, and carry yourself as a Winner with Confidence …. When you walk with confidence, you attract confident and positive people. Remove all Negativity away from you… Surround yourself around positive people who know how to laugh, and around people who are doing the type of things that you want to do…  I went on a woman’ s retreat. One of our activities was hiking. At one point, on the hike, there were so many bees. A number of the women wanted to turn back. I kept saying let’s run through those bees. They cannot stop us. They finally agreed. We ran and ran until we were clear of those bees. Oh My! The beauty on the other side was breathtaking. Those bees were symbolic of the confusion and complexity of life. You have to push through those bees of your life. Do not QUIT! If you quit, you will never know how close you were to creating the MultiMillion $$ will never know how close you were to “Developing You.”