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Meditation for the Soul and….


 Hit The Cloud of Peace

heart of God imageThere are times in life that you wonder how will you make it through to the next day.  If you are reading this post; take a deep breathe, hit the cloud of Inner Peace and realize that GOD has given you one more day to get it right…. Realize that you have an inner peace, a joy that no one can take away.  You can only give it away.  Take out time and stop, during the rat race of life, and enjoy the beauty of living.

Man cannot give you the joy that has been built inside of you. This confirmation must be felt and known.  Your creator knows you better than any human.  But, it is not understood why humans keep going to a person for guidance instead of going to the one who has created you.  Walk, talk and breathe in harmony with your creator and find the peace, within, through your universal journey.


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Every decision that you make has a price!


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Raising Money For Less Fortunate Countries: Network Marketing to Raise Money for Cause

Expert Author Vickie E Smith

There are many with a passion for giving to less fortunate countries and other different causes. The desire to give funds for animals or to feed starving or mistreated children is there. But, many do not have the extra money allowing their passion’s fulfillment.We, as a people, are in the generation of doers that can reach millions… no, billions in seconds. There is a way. Many people can only grasp the concept of a “9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m. JOB” to survive, in creating an income. Today is a world of technology, a world of networking. While networking, an incredible thing could happen. Networking could cause a domino effect of millions with the same belief that could create billions of dollars to keep the flame of a dream alive. Humans are depended upon to help creatures of our earth not to become extinct; such as lions, elephants, dogs, cats, dolphins, etc.. A network marketing business could raise a substantial amount of money. This money could be used to fund your passion. Funding “Your Own Business” makes sense. This business will be yours without owing a financial institution one (1) dime. Borrowing from a financial institution, for your passion, your ideas, belong to them until they are paid back with interest. Network marketing use to be what was thought of when you think of AVON representatives or VACUUM cleaning salespeople at your front door. In the past, network marketers were considered to be those people your parents would see through the windows and scream “DUCK DOWN and don’t say a word. They are coming up the walkway. Don’t breath, and they will go away in a bit.” But today, everything we do is all about networking. Instead of funding the desire of an individual through a financial institution, grasp the idea of raising the money with others with the same passion. Think about it. Many try taking the easy route; though they think. The business that has always been a burning desire is not yours if there is a note over your head. In the Real World, in order to call yourself a business “OWNER,” you will owe no one any money for your business. Use Network Marketing as a tool in raising the money yourself. Help and increase the lives of many, in building your passion without the ache of someone being able to knock on your door and to say, “Your dream is over.”
Vickie Smith is a professional marketer who has studied Psychology and Graduated with an Information Systems/Systems Analysis Degree. To find out more about Vickie and how she has exported precious metals Internationally and how she is now using her education, knowledge and journey in helping others uncover the truth about funding through the Financial Institutions vs Self Funding Webinar Learn more about How to Fund for Your Passion and Help Many through the 12 Week Plan to Wealth

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Start Day With Prayer for Guidance: Start Day With Prayer for Guidance Through


Habakkuk 3:17-18 (NIV)

Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls,yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior.

Your Day is coming! Your time is now.

If you are reading this post, you are blessed! You are awake. You have been given another day to get it right. You have been able to take another breath of life. Breathe In, look at yourself in the mirror; Smile at yourself: Now, what are you going to do with the gift that you have been presented; the same thing that you did yesterday? You have this yearn, this burning sensation to make “IT.” As I have taught my two young men, the joy of my life, my motivation to leaving a legacy, prayer for guidance will get you through to the other side.

People fail to realize what that word “through” means. The ability to move from the current situation is yours. It is your choice to be stuck in one place. You are traveling the journey to increase your awareness in who you are and what your destiny is to be. Don’t look to man to lead you. Man has too much jealousy, too much envy, too much selfishness, too much stuff going on in their heads.

You are not lost nor alone. I am here you help guide you to who guides me. May your day be bright. Remember, when the heavens sent you down, you were sent down for a purpose. Your birth was the birth of greatness. No matter what you have been through, it’s time to step on the other side to success, focus, and determination. Your “Greatness” Days are here.

Go talk with the one who created you. More importantly, listen to the one who created you.  Whatever your “IT” is, you are here. You have the courage. Just step out and believe that you can. Don’t take this day for granted.

Focus and write down five (5) goals of today. Take those goals, on this day; it doesn’t matter about what you did or didn’t do yesterday, complete those Goals of accomplishment.

It’s the sweetest thing I know; prayer.

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My Greatest Gift is….

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift is when I gave birth to the best two(2) young men. I remember when I had first received the news that I would never be able to give birth. That news hit me like a ton, a triple ton of bricks. It’s funny, before that news, I did not want to have any children. Oh no, not me. Whenever I would go over to someone’s home that had children, my radar would go off. “SOUND THE ALARM” it’s time to go home. They were too loud, too loud. I wanted to get up and run to the nearest exit. Then I would go to the grocery store and see children falling out on the floor, rolling around, acting ridiculous and the parents not knowing what to do. I would see the parents trying to reason with these miniature human beings. I would always sit, watch people and wonder who were the parents. It was clear that the shortest one was the one in control. I ran faster from the idea of having children.  Having children was always a choice, I thought.

Forced to See My Greatest Gift

December 1992, I was forced to a different pattern of thinking.  I bent over in excruciating pain and my stomach had bloated to a size that I did not recognize my own body. My husband rushed me to the hospital.  I had always had a very tight stomach. I always had determination in keeping fit, so what was going on with my body.  The doctors said they were not letting me out until they figured out what was happening. They came back with the diagnosis that I had huge fibroid tumors growing inside of me and then the news came. I can still hear the voice of those doctors saying that I probably would never get pregnant.  “I would probably never get pregnant.”  WOW! I felt like I was living a nightmare. A decision that I always felt was mine, my ears are now hearing the words from a “man about me.”  Then the doctor continued to say, that the birth control that I was on was causing my fibroid tumors to grow and that I should not had been on birth control or put anything in my body with estrogen or caffeine.    The tears started to stream down my face. As I laid on that hospital bed, the doctor continued to say that if I became pregnant, I would probably have miscarriages, or be in severe pain for the entire nine(9) months. But, as man was speaking, I kept hearing GOD say,  “You will give birth, you are a mother to greatness.” I took a deep breathe and thought, I will listen, always listen to you, and prayed to GOD to always guide and lead me to the destiny of my life.

Life’s Journey is the Best Gift

When Man was saying that I couldn’t, GOD had already said that I could.   My soul is overwhelmed with joy and I am so Blessed to have given birth to my two(2) best friends.  When GOD speaks, it doesn’t matter what man says.  I never had a miscarriage or surgery because of those tumors.   Children are a gift from GOD. Both pregnancies and natural delivery was the greatest gift. The gift of life.  I still cannot believe that I am their mother and my oldest has graduated from high school and leaving to run his purpose on this earth, while my youngest is now a senior in high school. We do not understand our life’s journey, but as long as we stay focused and realize who is in control of your life, your Greatest gift will be presented to you.


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