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The New International Gold Money: Financial Success

Have you seen the New International Gold Money

If you have not seen the New International Gold Money, you need to plug in and see and listen to what is going on around you.

Unite together in unity. We can do more together than alone.  I believe anything and everything is possible with God, who strengthens me.  Your eyes will  open, and your lives will be changed forever, if you follow the Plan.   We are put here to prosper. But, it’s according to your determination and if you are ready to hear my direction. When you are on the verge of a breakthrough, don’t get mad, get focused and more determined.  This burning determination is when your goals and your why will start to eat up inside of you,  keeping you going until you reach your  desired level of success.


Did You Miss Google, MicroSoft, Coke or Pepsi

You see.. Evil… the enemy is always trying to stop you from success. Are you going to miss this one also?  Are you sleeping? You have to go through some things first before you reach the other side. Your time is now. Remember that word “through.”  Do not stop. Do not look left or right. It’s a distraction.  There is Beauty…. there is peace… there is serenity on the other side. Have you ever been pushed in the pool.  Will you fight to get to the other side to safety or will you just sink and give up?   Well, you are drowning, what are you going to do in this financial economy time of ours.


When are you going to take the leap of faith and change those things in your life that you have control.  You have control, this day to change your financial direction,  to reach your financial success. No one said it would be easy.  But, it can be simple.


You are reading this… you have found me for a reason. There is something that is trying to be released to you and in you. Stop and breathe it in. You are pregnant with dreams… you are pregnant with visions… don’t let life make you abort the life that is destined for you. The fight will make you stronger..I know that sounds like a cliche.  The journey is important. The fight is provoking you to action.

1. Faith – Faith moves your steps.

2. Vow – what is your vow to yourself?

3. Prayer – God hears you. He said be specific. Write it down.  Ask him for what you want. Be patient. Listen to see if your desire is according to God’s word for you.

4.  Praise – Give God praises in the midst and live your life with the joy as if your prayer has already been answered.  When your prayer is answered, don’t forget who got you there.


If you want success, are you irritated enough to give something up in order to build. How ready are you? Are you ready to truly build a life and ready to listen and learn? It’s time for the fight for your life. It’s time for Financial Success and Wealth. Don’t you agree?

Would you like to know more about the New International Gold Money and how to get yours?? ….  goldcardHit the Card Above, and get started with creating your Free Account, and I will personally contact you to help you on your journey to financial success.


Nahum 2:9

Plunder the silver! Plunder the gold! The supply is endless, the wealth from all its treasures!

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Karatbars International Business – Opportunity or Rip-Off?

check_out_md_blkKaratbars International is an E commerce company. They do, however, offer a very lucrative affiliate rewards program like many online businesses around the world. They are NOT considered MLM. The difference is very clear. The Company has zero sponsorship requirements or monthly purchase requirements in order to earn commissions.Karatbars International has gained much attention for their ways to earn income opportunity, especially their 12 Week Plan to Financial Wealth. There are some very real concerns about starting or participating in this business. In this article, we will go through and give an unbiased review of the pros and cons of the business, and see if they are a great business opportunity… or a great rip-off.

Karatbars International – The Good

Karatbars International was founded in 2011. They are a company which offers an attractive and affordable option for the consumer to purchase 999.9 pure gold bullion as well as their specialty lines of gold merchandising, collector & gift cards. This company offers the consumer an independence to own, manage & control their personal purchases. They are providing an opportunity for everyone worldwide to own gold at an affordable price point.

The headquarters and the logistics center of the company is located in Stuttgart. It is responsible for the support, marketing, customer and partner communication, execution and delivery of orders. Their Headquarters also co-ordinates the launch of new countries throughout Europe.

Karatbars International offers its customers several storage options:

* Storage Prosegur (free) – Frankfurt Neu-Isenburg

* Storage Switzerland (charged) – A direct contract with the Swiss company

* Storage Singapore (charged) – A direct contract with the Singapore company

Deliveries in smaller quantities are packaged under video surveillance at the home of Karatbars International and shipped via FedEx daily.

The affiliates can refer others to an online Gold Savings Plan and earn commissions whether or not they personally purchase their products.

Karatbars International – The Concern
Whether or not Karatbars International is a good business opportunity, it is clear to say that the most valuable assets are precious metals.

Several people are referring to Karatbars International’s gold product as LBMA certified gold. Please note, the LBMA does not certify gold, they certify the refinery.

This Company claims to be the only company that will buy back an affiliate’s gold.

Karatbars International – Ugly

Karatbars International, like many other online companies, teach their distributors to leverage their “warm market”, friends, family and/or anyone you bump into. However, when a new distributor comes talking to their friends and family about making a tremendous income with a business opportunity… and the distributor is not making any money… there is a credibility issue that occurs, and the distributor is positioned as a gopher for someone else’s business.

Growing this business can be a great opportunity. They appear to have a good service. There are plenty of companies that offer purchasing gold online but you must be aware:

* Is the Gold 999.99 24K pure

* Where are the Gold Refineries that are producing the Gold

* Does the Company have free storage

* Will the company buy the gold back(this is huge)

In closing, I would say that starting and developing a Karatbars International business is lucrative if you know how to effectively use the telephone, the Internet, and other effective marketing tools. Many people who market great products never make a dime. It is not a rip-off, but like any business, success will be determined by the skill-set of the marketer. This Company is definitely not a lottery ticket or a stock option – meaning, you do not just exchange your currency to gold and wait for a payout.

The difference is the marketer, and their ability to target their market effectively to others that this makes sense to. If someone does not have the first clue on how to market effectively, then I would suggest they either learn how to be an effective marketer, or else just use Karatbars International as a way to effectively move your money from one pocket(Financial Institution) to a more secure pocket for the means of protecting your assets.

This article can be freely published on a website as long as it is not modified in any way including the author byline and active hyperlinks.

Vickie Smith is a professional marketer and has marketed numerous of different products and services. To find out more about Vickie and how she has exported precious metals Internationally and how she is now using her education, knowledge and journey in helping others reach their life’s financial potential, you can go… here.To learn more about growing a Karatbars International business, you can go to the Karatbars International Success Blueprint

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