My Story

I am a Wife, Mother of two(2) amazing young men.  Our oldest graduated from college and is now

an Aerospace Engineer in California.  Our youngest is a Junior in College studying BioChemistry.

I gave birth to my best friends.  I love their brains, their creativity and enthusiasm with life.  I studied

Psychology and have a BS degree in Information Systems/Systems Analysis.  I am a Real Estate

Broker/Owner of Smith&Smith Real Estate, Former Systems Analyst(of over 25 years), Landlord,

and Restaurant Owner.


I set back analyzing my life and realized that I was not utilizing my gifts and talents toward my true

purpose. My purpose and passion is to help people reach the heights of themselves.  I look at many

young people and see no hope in their eyes.  Who is listening to them?  In every aspect of my life, I

have been placed in a position to mentor, coach and/or direct many in focusing on a vey important

relationship in their lives; ”A relationship with themselves.”  I have mentored, without thinking about

it, numerous of young adults and empty nesters in targeting in on the one single goal to clarity to a

happy and fulfilling life.


…. Things started to unfold in my life that I never saw coming …. this was a turn in my life that made

me realize that I had a story in me that could help millions… and now my journey has begun…..

Novelist  (Published The Checkerboard Game of Life),  and Real Estate Broker empowering many on

“Life’s Balance” and “Personal Development.”


Life and Times;  teens to the more mature are changing.  Discover the Meaning of Life and Stop living like

death has already found you.

I look forward in connecting with you! Available for:

Real Estate Brokerage for Buyers/Sellers
Life Motivational, Inspirational/Directional Speaking Events and Workshops.. 

Vickie holding book