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Saving Money for Retirement: Are You Ready for Retirement? | worried about retirement

By Vickie E Smith
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_MG_5770 copy largerRetirement Was Such a Wonderful Thought

I remember when I was a little girl. I used to hear my parents talk about when they retire how they were going to relax and travel. What a wonderful idea that was; and still can be if people are prepared.

The thought of retiring and having nothing and the possibility of still becoming homeless is a frightening thought.

People are married for years. Husbands think that when they die their wives and families will be well taken care of because his wife has her social security and now his. Little does he know that after he dies, his wife is left with the same bills that she had when he was living and only one(1) social security check. How defeated he must be feeling to be looking down on his beloved wife with tears in her eyes wondering how she will pay for the pure necessities that she needs for her medical issues or just to be at peace.

There are people who think that they are waiting for their date of retirement, instead they are given a pink slip. That is enough to give someone a heart attack, if you are not prepared.

Elderly Struggling

The fact is, young people and baby boomers need to take a long look at their future instead of the little box in which they are living for the now. If a person has a job, are they preparing themselves just in case that job is gone tomorrow. It is time to step out of the “box.” There are steps that may be taken to secure finances in preparing for retirement:

* It is essential that people pay themselves first

* Open an online Savings Account, an Ing Account for example. The money is taken directly from a paycheck or checking account and moved directly into an online savings account. Opening an account of this nature eliminates the thought process or the burn of seeing the money first and feeling like something is taken away.

* While a person may have a job, also find a company that is fun to work with that builds a residual income. A residual income would be ideal before and after retirement. The residual income would be a great supplement while receiving social security and pension pay.

The Worst Feeling

Working all of your life, going in a full circle like a baby; coming in this world with nothing and leaving this world with nothing would be the worst feeling. Do not wait until tomorrow to get started with your future.

Vickie Smith is a professional marketer who has studied Psychology and Graduated with an Information Systems/Systems Analysis Degree. Discover more about Vickie and how she has exported precious metals Internationally. She is now using her education, knowledge and journey in helping others uncover the truth about how to prepare for retirement and have fun doing it in her FREE Preparing For Retirement Guide.

Learn more about Retiring With No Stress by Reviewing the 12 Week Plan to Wealth

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Why Wealthy People Have Gold: Online Wealth


vickiesizechangeWealthy people have gold in their portfolios because they understand the value of precious metals of the earth. There is a lot to be said about moving or exchanging paper money into a precious metal, such as gold.

Think about it: “Riches of the Earth”, means materials of our planet will make you wealthy beyond ideas. Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Copper, Pearls are all natural materials of the earth which are of extreme value.

The Dollar or Gold

Many people have forgotten how the dollar bill was acquainted with gold. In 1944, a new financial system was created to stabilize the world once World War II ended. The US Dollar was chosen as the world’s reserve currency. People have forgotten that the dollar was tied to gold. Gold is what gave the United States’ Dollar its value.

The Downfall of the Dollar

The downfall or should I say the “down value” of the dollar started on August 15th 1971, when President Nixon created a system where all currencies were backed by nothing. He cut the ties of gold from the dollar. His system led the average person to borrowing money. The system also forced people to borrow well above their means and to get deeper and deeper into debt.

The Wealthy Empowers Themselves

Wealthy people understand how currency has been devalued, so heavily. They have silently been taking a stand to secure their future with where the true value started; GOLD.

* Gold is Protection for individuals against the government
* Gold is the only competitor to a National currency.
* Gold is money and the National currencies are money substitutes that circulate in place of gold.
* Gold is financial insurance

Note: The following is for informational and food for thought purposes. It is not meant to be tax advice for a particular individual or situation. Check with your tax accountant about any concerns.

Wealthy people use gold as a hedge to put their currency because gold cannot be taxed. Gold can only be taxed once it is exchanged to a currency.

There are a number of countries that are recognizing gold “again” as currency.

Change is Interesting

Embrace the change in the world and realize the power of precious metals; Gold

In summary, there are many who want to be rich. Rich people want money quickly, overnight. It could be gone just as fast as they got it. Wealthy people look for longevity in the growth of their financial security.

This article can be freely published on a website as long as it is not modified in any way including the author byline and active hyperlinks.

Vickie Smith is a professional marketer who has studied Psychology and Graduated with an Information Systems/Systems Analysis Degree. To find out more about Vickie and how she has exported precious metals Internationally and how she is now using her education, knowledge and journey in helping others uncover the truth about positioning like the wealthy in the Position Yourself Like The Wealthy Report

Learn more about Living Wealthy vs Rich by Reviewing the 12 Week Plan to Wealth

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Ever Wonder Where Life is Taking You?

Noticing Life Passing

Have you ever pulled off on the side of the road, looked at  people, and wondered where is everyone rushing to. I always watch people walking, jogging, riding bikes and never meeting eyes with one another just to say good morning. Do you realize that a smile or a hello could actually save someone’s life. People are always saying where they want to go in life.  Have you ever stopped to think about where people have been. It is a sad story to know that people have worked so hard, all of their lives to get nowhere. What will your story be.

Life through the Homeless

I took my children to feed the homeless so that they would know about all kinds of people and to never look down their nose at anyone.  People do not wake up one morning and say to themselves, “I think I will be homeless today.”  It opened my eyes when we were taking someone home one day and they lived in an apartment.  When we drove away, I heard one of my children say, “WOW”, they live in an apartment, what is wrong with them.  I was shocked. Children are taught what they see.  What are you exposing your children to.  What are you exposing their eyes to see? What visions are developing in the minds of these little humans?

Traveling Life through a Looking Glass

With my children growing up in a house, in a home, they took it for granted that everyone lives in a home; that everyone lives like us.   Is this how you are looking at your life;  through a looking glass of your past and you cannot move forward because of the way you were taught,  the things that you have seen? And you think that you do not know any better? No one knows which life track they are traveling in on. But the question is… which track are you going to leave your life on…

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Leaving Gold for My Family

Gold has been known 2,600 years ago-but the whole world recognized, only in ingot form, for payment in 194 countries around the world. Money affects our daily lives. Do you agree? Who has a little want more of it. Anyone who already has money want to secure and protect it. But how? There is a way that you may take advantage of the secret of the wealthy. I have been involved with exporting the precious metals of our earth, Internationally, for a while. While exporting, my eyes have been opened to the wonder of the riches in the Earth that GOD has presented to us.

Why Exchange to Gold?

What is your paper currency worth today? Press Here to Find Out?

Gold is the most valuable and most sought after metals of the financial elite.  Not only does Gold stand for security, it is a symbol of status, influence and wealth.

Monetary gold bars are the best way of securing value when everything “goes down the drain,” monetary gold bullion can never be worthless.

Monetary gold bullion in small units can easily switch, piece by piece, into other values, or goods, which is impossible with large units.

Secure with Gold

Take control of your finances and stop leaving your destiny to the government.  You were given a brain. It’s time to use it for the best interest for you.  If you want to continue the pain of NOT Having, of NOT Sleeping, of continuing to take from Paul to pay Peter, then continue on the path that you are on. If you want better, there is a solution, the Gold Solution.

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My Greatest Gift is….

The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift is when I gave birth to the best two(2) young men. I remember when I had first received the news that I would never be able to give birth. That news hit me like a ton, a triple ton of bricks. It’s funny, before that news, I did not want to have any children. Oh no, not me. Whenever I would go over to someone’s home that had children, my radar would go off. “SOUND THE ALARM” it’s time to go home. They were too loud, too loud. I wanted to get up and run to the nearest exit. Then I would go to the grocery store and see children falling out on the floor, rolling around, acting ridiculous and the parents not knowing what to do. I would see the parents trying to reason with these miniature human beings. I would always sit, watch people and wonder who were the parents. It was clear that the shortest one was the one in control. I ran faster from the idea of having children.  Having children was always a choice, I thought.

Forced to See My Greatest Gift

December 1992, I was forced to a different pattern of thinking.  I bent over in excruciating pain and my stomach had bloated to a size that I did not recognize my own body. My husband rushed me to the hospital.  I had always had a very tight stomach. I always had determination in keeping fit, so what was going on with my body.  The doctors said they were not letting me out until they figured out what was happening. They came back with the diagnosis that I had huge fibroid tumors growing inside of me and then the news came. I can still hear the voice of those doctors saying that I probably would never get pregnant.  “I would probably never get pregnant.”  WOW! I felt like I was living a nightmare. A decision that I always felt was mine, my ears are now hearing the words from a “man about me.”  Then the doctor continued to say, that the birth control that I was on was causing my fibroid tumors to grow and that I should not had been on birth control or put anything in my body with estrogen or caffeine.    The tears started to stream down my face. As I laid on that hospital bed, the doctor continued to say that if I became pregnant, I would probably have miscarriages, or be in severe pain for the entire nine(9) months. But, as man was speaking, I kept hearing GOD say,  “You will give birth, you are a mother to greatness.” I took a deep breathe and thought, I will listen, always listen to you, and prayed to GOD to always guide and lead me to the destiny of my life.

Life’s Journey is the Best Gift

When Man was saying that I couldn’t, GOD had already said that I could.   My soul is overwhelmed with joy and I am so Blessed to have given birth to my two(2) best friends.  When GOD speaks, it doesn’t matter what man says.  I never had a miscarriage or surgery because of those tumors.   Children are a gift from GOD. Both pregnancies and natural delivery was the greatest gift. The gift of life.  I still cannot believe that I am their mother and my oldest has graduated from high school and leaving to run his purpose on this earth, while my youngest is now a senior in high school. We do not understand our life’s journey, but as long as we stay focused and realize who is in control of your life, your Greatest gift will be presented to you.


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Creating a MultiMillion $$ You

Tips for Developing You

There are a number of individuals teaching, on how to become a millionaire. There are also a number of individuals instructing on how to build multimillion dollar businesses and empires.

If your foundation is not built, your Empire will not stand firm.

“Developing You” is Huge in understanding the gift of life.

I am going to share five ways to creating a MultiMillion $$ You…  to create a strong and solid foundation of inner peace. When your foundation is solid, you are then, capable of developing the leaders around you.

#1 You Must Be Honest

While taking your journey on developing oneself, a person must be honest with themselves.  Write down where you are today.  How is your lifestyle, your home, your family. How are you treating people. How are they treating you? Then, close your eyes. Go on, close your eyes and open the door to the Wonderland of how you want your life to look. Do not think about the “How.”  “How” is creeping in your mind. Get it out of there.

#2 Your Beliefs for You

Don’t let the challenging situations of what you see, shape who you are. Have you ever sat back and wondered why them? Why did they get to fly to the moon? Why did they become so famous? Why did they make so much money? The only thing that they had was believing in themselves and working hard for what they believed in. Live your life as though your success has already been accomplished.

#3 Leader of You

You must be the leader of your life. Don’t look to the left, don’t look to the right. When you are developing your positive and futuristic mindset, you must stay focused. You must have a passion and determination for the steps that you are taking while developing you. You must be willing to do the work that it takes to reach your success level . Each individual has been planted a seed inside of them waiting to birth. The question is, will your seed stay there and always be a seed? Or, is the question, what nourishment will you feed, your inner seed, for your growth potential. A person who considers themselves a leader is always reading, listening to CDs, attending seminars, broadening their knowledge so that they are growing as a person. A person who grows can teach others to move forward and grow. You will influence many without realizing it.

This is the year to Vote. There was a time that women and races could not vote. Your vote matters. It’s not the government that will change the state of our world. It’s the people… and you can start by letting your voice be heard and your vote counted.

#4 Your Life Must be balanced

On a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I want you to rate the six areas of your life… And be honest with yourself… your Family/HOME, your Finances and your Career, Spirituality, your Health and Fitness, your Social and Recreational, and your Educational and Mental State. After you have rated yourself, I want you to look at your numbers and see what measures do you need to take to become successful and balanced in all areas.

#5 Do Not Quit during Your Journey of Developing You

You have to walk, talk, and carry yourself as a Winner with Confidence …. When you walk with confidence, you attract confident and positive people. Remove all Negativity away from you… Surround yourself around positive people who know how to laugh, and around people who are doing the type of things that you want to do…  I went on a woman’ s retreat. One of our activities was hiking. At one point, on the hike, there were so many bees. A number of the women wanted to turn back. I kept saying let’s run through those bees. They cannot stop us. They finally agreed. We ran and ran until we were clear of those bees. Oh My! The beauty on the other side was breathtaking. Those bees were symbolic of the confusion and complexity of life. You have to push through those bees of your life. Do not QUIT! If you quit, you will never know how close you were to creating the MultiMillion $$ you..you will never know how close you were to “Developing You.”

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Overcoming Disbelief | Belief

Stand Tall for Your Belief

Don’t ever stand and try to convince any person of your beliefs. The stronger your belief, the stronger obstacles will come and try to shut you down. You are saved by grace through faith, your belief.  You will find that with every level that you may reach, with every level that you will climb, there are new struggles that you will go through. Your wings are growing.

Have you ever stopped and looked at a caterpillar turn into a butterfly?  How free and beautiful the butterfly flies with grace and effortless. But, the butterfly’s journey didn’t start that way.

Don’t let the situations of what you see shape who you are. Situations are always going to be there. Disappointments will always be there.  In order to live your own glorious life, you have to take a risk of the natural.  Many people are afraid to take risk.  Being afraid means “No Faith.”  People may talk over and over about how horrible their life is.  They may talk about how they need their life to change.  In order to succeed, you must move toward the  life of the butterfly, taking a risk and fluttering your wings where the wind will carry you.  Many times people are asking another person about the direction they should take in their life’s journey.  That person doesn’t know you better than you know yourself.  Why do people think that other humans know them better? There is a voice inside of you that we all have been given.  But, people do not stop for a moment, get in their dark corner and listen to their inner voice of reason.  That voice will guide you in standing, then moving your belief toward the beautiful life of a butterfly,  full with freedom. Your voice of reason will prepare you to be victorious for the good things that are about to come. The first step is the belief in yourself.  If you do not believe in you, no one else will… period.  There is no way to fake it.

Take Steps toward Your Belief

It’s time to stop being afraid. When you look in the mirror, you have two(2) choices.

  1. Stay where you are   …or
  2. Move your feet, and step out of your cocoon. You feel that your cocoon is your protection, your bubble from a harsh or unfriendly environment. Your cocoon is hindering your growth, your peace, your security.

Belief Teaches How to Fly

Have you ever sat back and wondered why them. Why did he/she get to fly to the moon. Why did he create the light bulb.  Why did she make it, in a huge way, being a talk show host.  Why is he/she the number one actor/actress. Why was he chosen to create Facebook, Microsoft or Tennis shoes. Why Why Why?  The one thing that they had, the only thing that they had was their belief in themselves.. their belief in their cause.. their belief in their product and their perseverance.  They let their belief carry them to freedom. They stepped out of their cocoon, spread their beautiful butterfly wings and flew into their glorious destination.  Your belief gives you willpower. Your belief gives you courage, just like the lion in the Wizard of Oz. Your courage gives you strength. Your strength gives you the ability to not look left… and not look right.. but keep looking straight ahead and  moving forward to fly.

Life is A Journey

Get a piece of paper. Write your name and the date. On the left side write down your strengths. On the right side write down your weaknesses. Be honest with yourself. Honesty to yourself is the first step to healing, first step to growth.  Look at your weaknesses and go to the book store and read on how to strengthen you, you inside. Go on the internet and look up Meetup.com in your area. Meetup groups will help you get out and be around people that are doing what you like or show you how to change your surroundings to be around the people who are living the lifestyle that you desire.

If your belief in yourself is not strong enough yet, let your belief in how you want your life to be for your family and yourself carry you. Your belief will grow you Beautiful Wings for Life.


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Has the Unemployment Rate Affected You

Increasing Unemployment

Stock Photos - Man sitting - coloured sketch
With the unemployment current rate INCREASING, open your eyes to the power within “You” that is INCREASING.  There are many people who have always relied on others, always relied on jobs,  always relied on the government for their future and their security.  But, today in our economy, where are the  people that you could go to for income? Where are the Jobs? Where is the government?  Those people, who were once there to provide the money, are now looking for a Plan B for themselves. The unemployment current rate situation has given people Read more…

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Are You the Organizer of Your Life

Organizer of Your Life

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Do you ever look at your life and feel like your life is in fragments? Your thoughts are in fragments? You really do not know which direction to go into or how to get out of situations? Your life doesn’t have to be this way. You have to take control over you.  No one else has that power over you. If you feel that someone does, it’s only because you are giving that power away. People can only do to you what you allow them to.  Your life is designed the way that it is because you have allowed someone or something to be the “Organizer”.  Sometimes you may look at yourself and feel like your head is about to explode because there’s so many thoughts going on in your head, in your mind nothing is organized.  There will be Difficult Choices in Life trying to keep you out of focus when you are going in the direction of reaching your gold at the end of your rainbow. You know what is right and wrong. If you ever question your decision, 9 out of 10 times, HELLO… it’s Wrong Choices in Life that you are about to make.  You only have two(2) directions:

  1. Making Positive Choices in Life
  2. Making Negative Choices in Life

…..  there is no in between Read more…

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Are You A Leader

A Leader Pulls Out the Unstoppable

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Are you a leader or a follower? It’s fine to be either.  But, you must look at yourself, honestly, and explore where you are today.  Leaders start right where you are,  a student.  They are gaining the knowledge, on a particular topic, and then pass that knowledge down to others to help them grow, in a way that the student never thought possible. If you are a follower, you want to be the best Follower to the best Leader.

A Leader with Passion

An effective leader have the ability to always move themselves and others to action because they have taken the time to understand the needs of people and serve their students with the knowledge that will shape them to the next level. A leader is reading books, listening to CD(s), and going out meeting and hearing other leaders. A leader is always  a student who is filling themselves, in order to….

Read more…

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